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Our first product is the brand new "Telescope Drive Master" which provides revolutionary technology for demanding amateur astronomers and advanced semi-pro observers. This device does not just reduce but does completely eliminate* all of the periodic and non-periodic tracking error of your equatorial mount. You do not need to have conventional autoguider system, you do not need to spend your valuable observing time with unproductive guide-star hunting; just expose, expose and expose all the night...

Just click on the "TDM v1" or "TDM v2" menu-label to find additional details about our system which can provide not simply the same but much better tracking accuracy for your existing mount** without autoguider that the best ones and the most expensive ones have using PEC!

* The rest of the tracking errors will be covered by air-mass scintillation in normal cases (except more than 2-3000 meters above the sea...).

** More and more types of mass-produced equatorial telescope mounts will be applicable with Telescope Drive Master. Look at this site again, from time to time, to find your mount, sooner and later, among supported ones. 

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