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Available models

Equatorial telescope mounts which are supported by Telescope Drive Master*:

  • Astro-Physics 1200

  • Celestron AVX

  • Celestron CGE

  • Celestron CGE Pro

  • Celestron CGEM

  • Celestron Advanced GT

  • Fornax 50 / 51 / 100 / 150

  • iOptron iEQ45

  • Losmandy G11 (both old and new versions)

  • Meade LX200ACF 10" & 16"

  • Meade LX200 Classic

  • Meade LXD 75

  • Paramount ME

  • SkyWatcher AZ-EQ6
  • Synta EQ-6 non-goto** or goto / Skywatcher EQ-6 Synscan / Orion Atlas EQ-G for both old and new mount versions

  • Synta HEQ5 /Skywather HEQ5 / Orion Sirius EQ-G

  • Vixen GP-DX / GP-D2

*: this list will be longer and longer due to our continuous development activity. At the same time, if you cannot find your mass-produced equatorial mount among these ones and cannot wait for your certain model, please send a mail discussing about "out-of-turn" development. Also, we can provide this system for your individually manufactured (German or forked) equatorial mount based on personal discussion.

**: Synta EQ-6 non-goto version needs additional hardware modifications (PIC-exchange and auto-guider input installation)

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